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Scotch Presents:
Montana Beach, the second album

February 19th, 2010: the moment is there. Scotch presents their long awaited new album Montana Beach. The cooperation with sponsor DNXR and Noordkaap warrants an evening full of spectacles in the temple of pop in Dordrecht. Following four long years Bibelot will once more shake on its foundation. Widely diverse acts will present themselves during the night. Amongst these the Klezmer-sound of L'chaim, the experimental Yoshimi! and the authentic gentlemen of Kingfisher.

Topping the night, the music of Montana Beach will be presented with a booming live show. Besides the well-known members of the band some studio musicians will also surpass themselves on stage. More special guests are to be expected, but their names will be kept secret for just a while...

Following the presentation of the new album, the party continues throughout the night with DJ Brian and Dordrecht's own Logosamphia. In cooperation with Stichting Noordkaap an exposition has been composed in which the main theme is the chemistry between old industry and modern art.

Pre-sales start Saturday, January 2nd; tickets can also be ordered at the Velvet in Dordrecht for € 5,-. Be quick...

Montana Beach